Tennessee’s legislators are currently considering legislation that affects the lives of unborn children. At question is when, and if, an abortion can be performed in our state. In an effort to communicate that Tennessee Baptists stand for life, the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board respectfully requests that you sign the petition voicing your support for legislation that protects the lives of unborn children in Tennessee.

To legitimize the petition, your email and your church will be required. Your information will not be shared for use by any third parties! We here at the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board will be able to register your support of the initiative!

0a0aca514548cb617185a807b27183b2We (Tennessee Baptists) believe God is the creator of life, and therefore He rightly defines all life, and when life begins. While we acknowledge that many people reject the God of the Bible, we urge everyone to consider the ways in which God has revealed Himself in creation (all He has made), conscience (the universal sense of right and wrong in people and all cultures), and Scripture (His written message to us).

Because God is the author of life, and has revealed Himself to all people, we believe He has shown us in natural revelation (creation and conscience) and special revelation (Scripture) that life begins at conception. This is increasingly borne out in science, which, as it advances, continues to affirm the biblical truth of life and personhood in the womb.

We further believe that since life begins at conception, the U.S. Constitution provides all people, born and unborn, with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These Constitutional provisions are and should be sufficient to legally protect the lives of our state and country’s unborn children.

Therefore, we, the undersigned Tennessee Baptists, urge all of our elected and appointed officials to exercise their full authority in such a way as to protect the lives of all people from the point at which God grants life (conception) to the point at which He brings it to an end (death).

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