By Randy C. Davis
President and executive director, TBMB

Randy Davis

My mother’s first cousin was an adult with exceptional needs. He unfortunately died several years ago. His name was Doug.

Doug lived with his mom and dad, had several siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins who deeply cared about him and for him. His parents were his primary caretakers until he passed away. Family members pitched in financially along the way to ensure his physical, emotional and financial needs were met in his later years.     

Doug was a gentle soul and a sweet guy. I’m thankful he was surrounded by such a loving, caring family.

However, not all adults with exceptional needs have the kind of support system that my cousin had. Unfortunately, so many of these sweet souls are overlooked and too often forgotten. It really shouldn’t be that way.

These special friends are made in the image of God, just like you and me, and they certainly have no less value or worth in His eyes. As such, they deserve to be loved and cared for by compassionate people.

That’s why Tennessee Baptists launched Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes 50 years ago as a ministry of the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

Through these decades, TBAH has cared for countless precious people, offering them dignity, and more importantly, they’ve experienced the love of Christ through the hands and feet of His people who love them.

Presently, TBAH has 49 adults with exceptional needs in its care, being taken care of through several group homes across the state. Tennessee Baptists have an opportunity to invest in this important ministry, and that investment is needed now more than ever.

One of the key financial support components of TBAH is its annual Father’s Day Offering. Mark Anderson, president of TBAH, recently shared with directors of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board that this ministry needs a record Father’s Day offering this year to help place adult homes on better financial footing.

One thing I love about Tennessee Baptists is their generosity and how they rally to a worthy cause. Caring for these dear people is a worthy cause, despite a sizeable financial challenge. Supporting the 2024 TBAH 50th anniversary Father’s Day Offering is a worthy cause.    

Let’s continue to provide excellent care for these exceptional adults whom the Lord has given us the opportunity to bless. Please pray for the adults under TBAH’s care, for the caregivers, and for Mark and his administrative staff.

And please, consider having this special offering in your church then consider giving generously to this year’s Father Day Offering for Adult Homes.

It is a joy to be with you on this journey.

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