The Annual Church Profile is comprised of two parts — an Annual Statistical Profile of the church, submitted once each year, and an Ongoing Leadership Profile of the church that can be updated anytime the church experiences a change in church staff or volunteer ministry roles.

These resources are designed to assist the church in entering its Statistical and Leadership Information (ACP Submission Guide Booklet) and tracking its key metrics in the year to come (ACP Tally Sheet). The value of the ACP to the church is outlined in the one-page Meaning of the ACP. To enter your church’s information into the Tennessee Electronic Database, you will need the church’s unique ACP Username and Password as well as the church’s 7-digit ID number.

The 2024 Statistical Profile page is now open to enter your church’s 2023–2024 Church Year statistical information. This allows churches whose reporting year ends around the time the new school year begins (July, August, or September) to enter their information prior to most associational annual meetings in the Fall. It will remain open through the first of the year to allow churches whose reporting year ends in the last quarter (October, November, or December) to have adequate opportunity to upload their church information.

The Church Leadership Profile remains open year-round and can be updated any time the church experiences a change in church staff or lay leadership. Keeping this information current provides up-to-date contact information for church leaders.

For assistance, please contact your associational office or Tennessee Baptist Mission Board at 800-558-2090, ext. 2005, or email

Annual Church Profile Resources

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