Issuing a W-2 vs. a 1099 at Year-End

160727tax-formsYear-end tax reporting can cause great anxiety for church treasurers and financial secretaries when it comes to filing the proper tax forms with the Internal Revenue Service. One huge question is Who gets a Form W-2 and who gets a Form 1099-Misc?

Each individual case should be considered separately, but it’s important to understand the basic guidelines for analyzing which form an individual should receive for their services. Continue reading “Issuing a W-2 vs. a 1099 at Year-End”

Your Church’s Support of Missions

160720check-donation-writingGod’s love is shared with others when your church contributes to the mission work of the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s almost 3,000 cooperating churches. Through your gifts, great things can be accomplished in our state, our nation and our world.

Have you ever wondered what happens when your church sends a contribution to the TBC office? The Accounting Services staff: Continue reading “Your Church’s Support of Missions”

Your Church’s Gift to Missions

160706calculator-balance-sheet-penTennessee Baptist Churches cooperate in missions through praying, going and giving. Gifts through the Cooperative Program, special offerings and designated giving, from almost 3,000 churches, amount to about $60 million each year. The responsibility of the Accounting Services office is to ensure that every penny of those funds goes where the contributing church intends it to go.

Church can do three things to make this process smoother and more efficient: Continue reading “Your Church’s Gift to Missions”