Five Ways to Make Visitors Feel Welcome in Your Church

161221parking-lot-sign-church-welcomeIf you were to ask a longtime church member about his church, he would probably say his church is friendly, welcoming to guests and easy to find your way around.

I would have told you that about the church where I served as pastor for almost 23 years. Occasionally someone would say they visited our church and no one said anything to them. I would rationalize, “You must have come in late and left as soon as the final ‘Amen’ was said.” Continue reading “Five Ways to Make Visitors Feel Welcome in Your Church”

Five Tips for Launching a Compassion Ministry

161123ministry-poverty-food-hungry-compassionIf lost people are going to be reached in our communities, it will require that the church must engage lost people. One of the most effective ways to interact with the lost is through compassion ministry.

Compassion ministry is an attempt to follow the model of Jesus. Just as he met human need, we are called to meet human need. One of the most alarming passages in all of Scripture is the parable of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus speaks of a day of separation based upon doing ministry “unto the least of these.” Continue reading “Five Tips for Launching a Compassion Ministry”

Five Steps to Becoming an Outwardly-Focused Church

church_seatsWhen I was a student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, my professor of counseling, Stanley Watson, used to say “Actions precede attitudes.” He would speak about how a married couple who say they no longer love each other can rekindle those loving emotions through performing loving actions toward one another.

Actions can lead to attitudes. I have found that principle true in my life. Continue reading “Five Steps to Becoming an Outwardly-Focused Church”