Five Practical Tips for Your Church’s Guest Services

By Glenda Pearson

“Walk in wisdom toward outsiders ….” (Colossians 4:5 HCSB)

170222welcome-to-church-shaking-handsFew would debate that our culture is rapidly declining in its enthusiasm for church and biblical teaching. If you were to step back and take a really close objective look at your own congregations, you might understand why.

Let me say here: I love and fully support the local church. Scripture calls us to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. Some of us, however, are making it difficult for the outsider to want to enthusiastically participate. Continue reading “Five Practical Tips for Your Church’s Guest Services”

Does Your Congregation Need a Worship Rehearsal?

Editor’s note: This article was authored by Paul Clark authored shortly before he suffered a devastating stroke in November 2015. We wanted to pass it along to honor Paul’s commitment to ministry.

161109church-worship-serviceBy Paul Clark Jr.

Have you ever thought about proposing a church worship rehearsal? Yes, I mean a rehearsal for worship that involves the entire congregation.

What is a worship rehearsal? It’s a time of practicing together those aspects of corporate worship that you do regularly.

Just think about how you do other rehearsals. You break things down into separate components and rehearse them, so that when they go back together they are executed well. Continue reading “Does Your Congregation Need a Worship Rehearsal?”

What Is the Cloud and Why Would I Want to Be There?

By Raymond Smith160810cloud-computing-security

“The Cloud,” simply stated, is a computer or a group of computers working together connected to the Internet.  If you own a cell phone, or a smartphone, you probably are already using the cloud. Most carriers are using “The Cloud” to back up your phone’s configuration, photos and apps.

The major advantage of using cloud computing is the ability to reach one’s data, information, and files from any place at any time.  A second advantage would be reducing the cost of buying the computers and building your own computer network. Continue reading “What Is the Cloud and Why Would I Want to Be There?”

When Is It Time for a Fresh Look at Financial Records and Procedures?

By Deborah Taylor

160803report-examination-manChurches will often reach out to the Tennessee Baptist Convention seeking help and advice about having an “audit” performed on the finances of the church.

The reasons are varied:

— New finance team members coming aboard, asking questions not asked before
— New pastor wants to get a handle on how the church operates financially
— Church treasurer feels it is an appropriate procedure to have done periodically
— Suspicion that something is not being done correctly or even of fraudulent behavior Continue reading “When Is It Time for a Fresh Look at Financial Records and Procedures?”