God Loves Small Churches

161005small-church-building-model-hands-womanSomeone has said God must love small churches because he made so many of them. While some may argue with that logic, there is no doubt that most churches are small churches.

Our Tennessee Baptist Convention is primarily composed of smaller membership churches. Approximately 2,200 of our 3,000 TBC churches have fewer than 100 people in Sunday school and most of those are rural churches. Each one of them matter to our Heavenly Father, and all of them have the potential to make an impact on their community and the world for Christ. Continue reading “God Loves Small Churches”

Barnabas: Our Role Model for Generosity

160622hands-holding-white-heart-generosityWhat’s so special about a “role model”?

Many people in Scripture have served as role models in my life. One of my favorite role models as a Christian leader is Barnabas. He gives us a wonderful blueprint of how to live out our calling as Christian leaders.

The word I associate most often with Barnabas is ‘generosity.’ Let’s take a look at some ways generosity characterized his life and ministry. Continue reading “Barnabas: Our Role Model for Generosity”