This Could Be Our Finest Hour

life buoy ship waterOn Feb. 18, 1952, the S.S. Pendleton was caught in a brutal winter storm generating 60-foot waves that slammed into the 500-foot tanker. The seas became so intense that it split the ship in two. The captain and six others were in the forward part of the ship; the other 32 in the aft as the two sections began drifting apart.

When the distress call came into the Coast Guard station, the station’s commander turned to a 24-year-old Bernie Webber and told him to take a boat out and attempt a rescue. Webber asked for volunteers who would go. Three other men, all younger than Webber, quickly stepped forward. Continue reading “This Could Be Our Finest Hour”

The Evangelistic Metric and Measurement Assessment Scale

feedback surveyHow to Measure an Evangelistic Disciple-Making Program/Process

When considering an evangelism method, a measuring tool will add objectivity.  Whether you are considering a new or repeated method, a measuring tool is necessary.  The Evangelistic Metric and Measurement Assessment Scale (EMMA) Scale is a value rubric for prediscipleship programs. The rubric measures the value of considered evangelistic programs and processes.  The purpose of the measuring value is to assess if the necessary evangelistic elements are present in the program. The rubric consists of two processes: (1) a pre-program measurement, (2) and a post-program measurement. Continue reading “The Evangelistic Metric and Measurement Assessment Scale”

Celebrating the ‘One’ Baptism

BaptismBaptists love baptisms. Baptisms are part of our DNA. We know people are coming to Jesus when the baptismal waters are stirred, and that stokes our engines. We love the stories about large numbers of people coming to Christ during revivals, whether overseas or here in the states. Being present on the Day of Pentecost would have been a Baptist’s dream day.

Two years ago we celebrated Long Hollow Baptist Church (Hendersonville) becoming the first church in Tennessee Baptist Convention history to see 1,000 people in one year won to the Lord, baptized, and set on the road to discipleship. What a great example of effective evangelism and intentional discipleship. May Longhollow’s passion to reach the spiritually lost spread like wildfire! Continue reading “Celebrating the ‘One’ Baptism”