Parents had been waiting for hours at the Newtown Firehouse near the Sandy Hook Elementary School when a very solemn announcement was made: “There will be no more reunions.”  The hopes & hearts of the moms and dads of 20 children, ages 5-10 were suddenly, painfully crushed.  I was driving down Nolensville Road listening to the radio when I heard that account of how most of the parents got the news that their children had been killed at the hands of a demon possessed 20 year old man.  I had to pull my truck off the road as deep hurt for those dear families filled my soul.

“There will be no more reunions.” How haunting, hurtful, and hopeless that phrase sounds. In 1956, the year Sandy Hook School was opened, my parents gave my grandmother a large family Bible. In that Bible, Granny Davis wrote these words: “I am standing in the gap in prayer for my dear children that one day we will be a circle, unbroken in Heaven forever”.  A last reunion that lasts forever between a mother, her children and her Lord. That is the essence of the real “reason for the season”.  While the celebration of Christmas is a large part of the Holiday, it’s not why Jesus came to earth. He came through a virgin birth to die a vicarious death.
“God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself” (2 Cor 5:19),
A reunion between The Father and a fallen race through the Sons sacrifice. There’s the reason for the season. There’s the answer to my grandmothers’ prayer.  And there’s the hope for peace in a Christmas bathed in tears.

Come  worship, and weep, at the feet of our Resurrected Lord. Give Him your life and He will give you the sure hope of a forever reunion.  Because you know Him, a Merry Christmas is possible.

It is a joy, even in very sad days, to be on this journey with you.

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