Church Revitalization is a process which moves a plateaued or declining church toward a healthy and sustained environment in which the following become a reality:

  • Greater Evangelistic Effectiveness
  • Increased Participation in Worship and Bible Study
  • A Renewed Faithfulness in Stewardship
  • Growth in Community and Mission Involvement

The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board is committed to assisting churches throughout our state facing these conditions. The goal of the TBMB’s Church Revitalization Objective is the revitalization of 500 churches by 2024.

Church Revitalization Coaches

We have compiled a list of Church Revitalization coaches across Tennessee, with their contact information! Click on an icon in the interactive map below for a coach near you, and it will display their name and contact details.


Phil Young (East TN Knoxville) 865-310-5305

Phil Taylor (East TN Cleveland) 423-505-7445

Larry Murphy (West TN Jackson) 731-668-5690