Strategic Initiatives for Tennessee Black Church Development

Strengthen Churches (GROW)

  • Encourage African American Churches to attend the Tennessee Black Church Leadership Conference (Pastoral Leadership, Sunday School, Evangelism, Stewardship, Family, Economic Development, Mission Board Awareness)
  • Encourage All Black Churches in Tennessee to increase their emphasis on prayer
  • Encourage African American Pastors to partner with new church starts
  • Discover and respond to training opportunities

Understanding TBC/SBC Life (CONNECT)

  • Provide information and resources for how to be elected to TBMB/SBC boards
  • Provide training to better understand TBMB/SBC resources and products
  • Provide information on how to access TBMB/SBC scholarship to colleges and seminaries

Impacting TBC/SBC Life (SERVE)

  • Get African American persons active in every level of TBMB/SBC life (association, state convention, national convention)
  • Encourage churches to nominate persons to association & state boards; committees and commissions
  • Encourage African American churches to increase their gifts to the Cooperative program
  • Encourage African American pastors and churches to attend the TBMB meetings as a ministry of presence
  • Develop a bank of names for present and future denominational openings

Mobilization for Missions (GO)

  • Encourage churches to participate in home and foreign mission actions (mobilization) in their communities and abroad using volunteers
  • Have Mission Mobilization Specialist to supply lists of locations for mission action
  • Promote the resources and opportunities available to volunteer mission groups through SBC mission entities (North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, Woman’s Missionary Union, State Missions, & Association Mission) increasing their awareness of mission needs
  • Encourage and support the training of African Americans for participation and leadership in missions (disaster relief, mission trips)

Mark Miller, the Vice President of Organizational Development for Chick-Fil-A, granted an exclusive interview to the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board on leader development. The foundational principles he shares are easily transferable to the local church.

For more information, contact Willie McLaurin at 615-476-1798.