Seminary Extension Scholarship Application & Guidelines

Transformational Journey of Leader Development

The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board Office of Leadership Development has put this information packet together to resource you with a practical guide to facilitate your development as a leader. We firmly believe that a Healthy Church depends upon having Healthy Leaders. Our office exists to promote the growth & development of church leaders spiritually, physically, psychologically, intellectually, socially, financially, and vocationally. (Luke 2:52) And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and with people.

This Three Dimensional Journey is a process of spiritual, personal, and professional leadership development for pastors, staff, associations, volunteer and lay leaders. The three dimensions of Leadership are:

Discover: Discover who you are and whose you are!

Develop: Develop spiritually and emotionally!

Duplicate: EMPOWER those around you and IMPACT your Community

To provide a process of spiritual leadership development for pastors, staff, and ministry volunteers which will assist in producing healthier kingdom leaders.

To be a practical resource guide for leadership development, a process that will aid new church plants in moving from conception phase to development phase, thereby, providing vibrant healthy churches.

To create an intentionality of Life-Long Leader learning and development.

To be used as an assessment instrument to develop leaders in the local church with an emphasis on introducing sound biblical leadership practices.

The Three Dimensional Leader Development strategy is designed to facilitate holistic leadership development in the life of the pastor, staff, key leaders, and emerging leaders of the local church.

Willie Mclaurin