Imagine a plan to equip and engage every church member to be a fisher of souls. A simple plan that any follower of Christ can do. A basic plan that is organized through the church’s Sunday School or small groups strategy to disciple members to become exactly what Jesus called His small group of disciples to be: soulwinners!


In an historic partnership with LifeWay Christian Resources, a six-week Bible study of the Gospel will be available in the Bible Studies for Life curriculum. The six week Bible study series of the Gospel includes the following studies:

  • One Great Creator (Psalm 33: 6-15; Colossians 1:15-17)
  • One Great Purpose (Isaiah 43:1-7)
  • One Great Problem (Romans 3:9-23)
  • One Great Savior (Romans 5:6-11)
  • Our Response (Romans 10:1-12)
  • Our Task (2 Timothy 2:1-10)


Church members are challenged in the second phase of Connect>1 to share the Gospel. As part of Soulwinning Commitment Day on first Sunday of October, church members are encouraged to take the 3151 Challenge. (See below.)


Churches are encouraged to celebrate God’s blessings by inviting friends and neighbors to Sunday School and worship on November 6.

The Connect>1 Challenge

The engaging phase of the Connect>1 Evangelism Campaign is done through the church’s Sunday School or small groups. During this phase, every group member is encouraged to take the Connect>1 Challenge:

3 – Pray for three lost friends daily

1 – Learn a Gospel presentation

5 – Invite five people to attend their group

1 – Share the Gospel at least one time

The Connect>1 Challenge begins with Soulwinning Commitment Day on the first Sunday of October. On this day, the pastor encourages church members to accept the challenge.

A Connect>1 Challenge tract is available to assist group members, with helpful suggestions such as: 7 ways to pray for a lost friend; a brief Gospel presentation; and six things that happen in the life of someone when they are invited to a biblical group.

Downloadable Campaign Resources

For more information about Connect>1, contact Mark Miller.