160831writing-drawing-young-woman-handwrittenAn excellent way to communicate love and kindness to your community is through hand-written letters. Handwriting letters is a non-aggressive method that Climate Changers will love.

Here is the method: (1) Obtain blank cards and envelopes. (2) Obtain addresses of the recipients. (This could be done through the Mapping Center, provided to you by the Tennessee Baptist Convention.) (3) Distribute blank cards and addresses to members/leaders of your church. (4) Have the members/leaders write short notes to the recipients. You could encourage them to do it at home or have a special time during service to write the card. (5) Encourage member/leader to mail the letter that week. Most members will buy the postage on their own and mail it out.

Here is a sample:

Dear __________,

My name is __________ and I am from (name of church). I am just writing to let you know that I am praying for you today. If there is anything you may need, please let me know! I hope you have a good day.

God bless,


(Phone number of church)

Did you notice Scripture and an invitation to attend church was not included? You may not want to include these two items. In hand-written communication, these items may come across as “preachy.” Instead of quoting Scripture to them, you are “being and living out” Scripture to them.

Did you also notice the phone number for the church was included, rather than the member/leader’s personal number? This helps filter phone calls and protects the individual’s privacy.

The sample letter accomplishes the communication of prayer, concern and kindness and acts as a climate changer. Think about the mail a person typically receives. Most mail has a gimmick, an ad or is a bill. The hand written letter that you send will be non-aggressive, personal and engaging — and will have the recipient’s well being at the forefront.

A person who receives such a letter from a person of faith is typically moved by the gesture. I have experienced such recipients calling the church, emailing the church and even visiting the church the next Sunday. The hand-written letter causes a stir of curiosity that prompts the recipient to figure out why the nice gesture took place.

David Evans is the Evangelism Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention. If you would like to connect with your local community and young families then feel free to contact David via email at devans@tnbaptist.org.

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