go-disciple-logoA disciple is a follower of Christ who…

  • shares the Gospel;
  • grows through Bible study and prayer;
  • lives in biblical community;
  • is on mission through the local church to make more disciples.


D-Groups (or Disciple Groups) consist of four people from the same Sunday School or Small Group coming together with the intention of…

  • Memorizing scripture
  • Engaging in Bible study
  • Praying together

The D-Group strategy revolves around Robby Gallaty’s HEAR acrostic. D-Groups are encouraged to use HEAR in both personal devotion and meeting time.

  • H – Highlight key words from the Bible passage.
  • E – Explain why you highlighted the words.
  • A – Apply the passage to your life.
  • R – Response. Share your response to what you have heard from the Lord through His Word.


For more information about GO Disciple D-Groups, contact Mark Miller, Sunday School Specialist, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board Email: mmiller@tnbaptist.org Phone: 615.476.5564