2021-22 Theme: Same Jesus. Sharing Hope & Truth.

Statewide GOTM Goal: $2,100,000

Suggested Date for the Week of Prayer: September 12-19, 2021


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 ESV

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 ESV

Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions Highlights and Talking Points are provided to assist you as you prepare to share with your church about state missions and the Golden Offering. Whether you are preaching, teaching, or sharing with large or small groups, there is material here for you to pick from to help you put your notes together.

Tennessee Baptists are being encouraged through this year’s state missions theme “Same Jesus. Sharing Hope & Truth” to:

  • Pray and fast for the spiritually lost in our state.
  • Pray that the hearts of Tennesseans will be opened so they will know the hope of His calling.
  • Share the grace and truth of the Gospel.
  • Try new ways to reach out, meet needs, and connect with those around you – be creative, God is limitless.
  • Work together to reach OUR mission field – Tennessee.
  • Give thanks for WC & Mildred Golden who began the week of prayer and offering for state missions 120 years ago.
  • Give God the glory for what He has done and will do.

The following information includes:

  • Promotional Resources – list of the 2021-22 GOTM promotional videos and materials
  • What is GOTM? – basic information and history about the state missions offering
  • Make it Personal – ideas to make the Golden Offering more personal to your congregation or group
  • Outline – a basic outline for sharing about state missions and the Golden Offering

For more information and ideas, be sure to review the promotional resources page.

Promotional Resources

Printed materials available to order from Tennessee WMU

  • “Same Jesus. Sharing Hope & Truth” Poster
  • Offering Envelopes
  • Prayer Guide for 2021-22 Tennessee Missions Emphasis
  • Faces of State Missions Brochure – NEW
  • Cooperative Giving Brochure

Videos and resources available on this site or on a DVD or flash drive from Tennessee WMU

  • Videos
  1. GOTM Overview (2:26)
  2. GOTM Message from Randy Davis (2:43)
  3. Thank You, Tennessee Baptists! (1:01)
  4. What is the Golden Offering? (1:55)
  5. Same Jesus (1:20)
  6. Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something: Riverview Baptist Church, Knoxville (4:13)
  7. Standing for Life: Birth Choice Clinic of Gibson County (2:41)
  8. Finding Opportunity to Serve: Montgomery Village Baptist Center, Knoxville (4:00)
  9. Jesus is Unchanging Music Video (4:38)
  10. GOTM Kid’s Video (1:53)
  • Print Files
  1. Planning & Promotion Guide
  2. What is GOTM? flyer
  3. Any Way You Slice It, Tennessee is a Mission Field flyer
  4. Worship Tools – Skits/Readings
  5. One Annual Missions Offering
  • Digital Graphicsfor Promotion
  • Social Media Graphics for Promotion

What is the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions?

  • The state missions offering provides invaluable financial support for ministries that help reach Tennesseans for Christ.
  • The Golden Offering is collected all year with a special emphasis on giving and praying for state missions during the month of September.
  • The Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions works in conjunction with the Cooperative Program to effectively meet needs and support ministries in Tennessee.
  • The Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions is:
    • meeting human needs through Compassion Ministries
    • Disaster Relief volunteers helping restore communities after a natural disaster
    • Baptist Collegiate Ministries sharing the hope of Jesus on Tennessee college campuses
    • church planting across Tennessee where there is no gospel witness
    • a child coming to Christ through camp
    • English being taught to someone from another country and sharing Jesus with them in the process and so much more!
  • Brief history
  • In 1902, Dr. W.C. and Mildred Golden challenged Tennessee Baptists to pray for and give to missions within the state and initiated the offering.
  • Golden served as Tennessee WMU Corresponding Secretary from 1898-1902. Dr. Golden served as State Missions Secretary.
  • The first offering was $800.
  • The offering was named after Dr. W.C. and Mildred Golden in 1943.

Make it personal.

  • Use the Any Way You Slice It, Tennessee is a Mission Field flyer to share information that highlights why Tennessee is a mission field.
  • Testimonies from people in your church who have participated in or benefitted from a ministry supported by the Golden Offering. Examples:
    • Someone who attended YEC Student Camp, Journey Camp, All Nations Camp, or Special Friends Camp.
    • Someone who serves as a Disaster Relief volunteer or who was ministered to by a Disaster Relief volunteer.
    • Someone who volunteers through Compassion Ministries, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Literacy Missions, or another GOTM funded ministry.
    • Someone who received a Tennessee WMU Scholarship.

Associational Ministries – 15% of whatever a church gives through GOTM will be returned to the association with whom the church is affiliated. There are no restrictions on how the association spends the money, but it is requested that they apply it to ministries that support people being saved, baptized, and discipled. Check with your associational Director of Missions to see how these funds are being used in your association.