Our children’s missions event, JAM, is coming your way this fall through an event box that contains plans for a “Jammin’ in a Box” event that includes all of the JAM components you’re used to finding at the one day in-person event. The JAM event box will provide plans, ideas, tips, and instructions to help you have a successful JAM at your church on your chosen date(s) and in a time frame that is easily adaptable to what best works for you. You may choose to hold a Saturday event or spread the JAM SESSIONS over several nights or even weeks. Items included in each box:

  • Leader’s Guide Notebook – leader guide has been designed so that ALL JAM Sessions complement the others.
    – Introduction & Overview
    – Jammin’ Bible Study bridges the Isaiah 6:8 theme verse with Jesus’ final words to His followers where He essentially sent them into the world to preach His gospel.
    – Jammin’ Missions Games teach how missionaries look at a people’s interests and needs to share the Gospel.
    – Jammin’ Meet a Missionary Family story and link to a video.
    – Jammin’ Missionary Activities focus on being a missionary and praying for missionaries.
    – Jammin’ Crafts provide several projects to extend the learning.
    – Jammin’ Missions Projects allow you to take the event to your neighborhood.
    – Jammin’ Extras: ideas for snacks, music and decorations.
  • Jammin’ in a Box Poster
  • Teaching Resources – handouts, posters, etc.
  • Flash Drive – contains missionary video, Leader’s Guide Notebook, teaching resources, graphics
  • Plus More

Churches will need to make limited copies and purchase some supplies per child. Boxes are available to order and ready to be shipped. For more information, contact Jacki Holleman at jholleman@tnbaptist.org.