Children_Bible_Drill_LogoChildren’s Bible Drill helps children in Grades 4-6 increase in their knowledge of the Bible and in learning how to apply the Bible to their lives. Children’s Bible Drill is made up of three cycles of verses and key passages that rotate over a three-year period. At the end of three years in Children’s Bible Drill, children will have memorized the books of the Bible and 75 Bible verses. Children will be able to locate Bible books, verses, and 30 Key Passages.

Children’s Bible Drill in Tennessee is divided into regions. Each region has a coordinator that is ready to assist you with all of your Children’s Bible Drill needs.
State Coordinator: Donna Blaydes (865) 850-0455

Verse Cards

The Cycle for the next three years is:

  • 2020 – Green
  • 2021 – Red
  • 2022 – Blue

Bible_Skills_Drills_Thrills_LogoBible Skills, Drills, and Thrills! (Grades 1-6) This 36-session course helps children explore God’s Word and prepare for Bible Drill by learning Bible books, verses and key passages. Children will study the history and people of the Bible, discover how God’s Word applies to their lives, and prepare for an exciting Bible Drill!

Children’s Bible Drill is only for children in grades 4-6. However, Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills provides a Bible skills development curriculum for all children in grades 1-6. There are two plans: one for grades 1–3 and one for grades 4–6. You will need:

  • 1 Leader Guide and Leader Pack per group
  • 1 Activity Book for each child
  • Verse cards for 4th–6th graders preparing for Children’s Bible Drill (Verse card must correspond with the edition of the Bible drillers are using.)
  • A Bible for each child. Bible Drillers must use an official Drill Bible.
    – Christian Standard Bible
    – King James Version

These materials may be purchased at your local LifeWay Book Store or ordered online from LifeWay Christian Store’s online book store. Links to curriculum below:

New Bible Drill materials are available from LifeWay each year in July/August.

Helpful Hints for Children’s Bible Drill

  • Check with your Regional Coordinator and Association for your Drill dates, and then set your Church’s Drill date.
  • Follow these Guidelines prior to the Associational Drills:

    January – Contact your State Regional Coordinator to schedule a time when they can train your Judging Team (Caller, 2 Judges, Timekeeper). It is important for your church and Association to follow the same guidelines as the State Drill. February – Make sure your Judging Team knows where and when to be trained. March/April – Have your Church’s Drill prior to the Associational Drill. April – Attend your Associational Drill.

  • Remember: Certificates are given at the Associational Drill and Additional seals, to be placed on the certificates, are given at the State Drill. Trophies are given at the State Drill to children who have completed their 3rd year of Children’s State Bible Drill. Please help us keep these honors “special” by reinforcing your Church’s children in other ways!