Did you know?

  • More than 1 million internationals live in Tennessee
  • 146 distinct people groups are represented and 45 of those are among the most unreached in the world
  • 94 of 95 counties in Tennessee have double-digit poverty rates
  • 21% of adults in Tennessee are at a level one literacy rate – this means they cannot pick out an intersection on a map or fill out an application

Together, Tennessee Baptists can make an eternal impact as we:

Engage the nations God is bringing to Tennessee by teaching English as a second language.
Help adult low-level readers by teaching basic reading and writing.
Develop relationships with children as we help them build academic skills through tutoring.

Before beginning a Literacy Missions Ministry take time to assess the needs in your community.


  • Literacy-Missions-ESL1-rectContact your local school board or area schools to ask:
    – How many non-native English speakers are in the schools?
    – What programs are available to help adult non-English speakers?
  • Contact local universities or community colleges to ask:
    – How many international students are enrolled?
    – What programs are offered for adults who want to learn English?
  • Contact your local library to ask if any programs are available for adults wanting to learn English.
  • Ask local business if any employees want to improve their English-speaking skills.


– – – – – – – – – –

  • Literacy-Missions-AdultRW1-rectContact your local school board, universities, community colleges, and library about the availability of programs to help adult non-readers.
  • Ask local business if any employees need help learning to read and write?


– – – – – – – – – –

  • Literacy-Missions-Tutoring1-rectContact your local school board or area schools to ask:
    – How many students are reading below their grade level?
    – Do they have students who would benefit from tutoring?
    – How many students drop out before graduating?
  • Contact your library for statistical information about community education levels and literacy rates.

Literacy Missions Sites in Tennessee

Missions-teachingFor more information on how to begin a Literacy Missions Ministry in your church or association, contact:

Denise Bronaugh
Tennessee Baptist Mission Board
615-371-7920 or dbronaugh@tnbaptist.org