“I Feel Abandoned”

I Feel Abandoned

I’m sixteen years old. To be honest, my life is just one big mess. About three months ago, I found out that I’m pregnant. I was hoping my parents would be supportive. They just make me feel ashamed. They would prefer that I just have an abortion and be done with the whole situation. My boyfriend blames me. My friends have deserted me. I feel as if even God has deserted me. I wonder if there even is a God. No one cares about me . . . no one.

Through the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions, we are helping young women choose life as they struggle with an unwanted pregnancy.


“I’m Searching”

I'm Searching

I’m searching.

I guess you could say I’ve tried it all. I’ve studied eastern mysticism, meditation, drugs, partying, achievement, and a thousand other things to fill this void I have in my life. Nothing has really worked. I’m a student at ETSU and I’m going to graduate in two years, but something inside me says there’s more to life than finding a job, a woman, a dream, or a fortune. I can’t believe that death is the end of all this. There’s too much beauty and wonder to really believe this was all some sort of random accident. But I don’t know if some religion or some set of rules is the answer. I guess I just want to figure out who God is. Is He even out there? And if He is, how do I really know the truth about Him. God if you are really there, would you show me or send someone to help me?

Through the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions, we are reaching people who don’t know Jesus. Will you help us reach the thousands of Tennesseans who are searching for God?


“They Left Me”

They Left Me

They left me.

Mom and Dad split up. My mom has my two sisters and I’m not sure exactly where my dad is living. Mom said I was better off living with her sister. When I think about it, it just makes me sad. I feel like nobody wants me. I feel angry. Nothing works for me right now. I wish somebody wanted me. I met a friend who invited me to come to camp with her this summer. She goes to the church about a block from my aunt’s house. Maybe I’ll make some friends, but right now I just feel alone.

Through the Golden Offering, we see children learn about our Heavenly Father who never abandons us and always has room for one more.