bible open empty churchBiblical proclamation is not only for the pulpit.

We hear much about the content of preaching and disciplines such as hermeneutics. Discussions of preaching revolve around what we are preaching and the listener sitting in the church.  The content is of precious focus and let me suggest that the context is as well.  Many of our seminaries, literature and teachers propose that you cannot have a healthy church without healthy preaching.  I do not disagree, but only offer an additional characteristic.  Where does preaching/proclaiming take place?  Where did it take place in the Bible?

Preaching the Word was not only an assignment for the context of the temple/synagogue/home group.  In the Bible, we see preaching in the wilderness (Matt 3, Mark 1), in the cities (Matt 11, Acts 14), in the villages (Luke 8,9, Acts 8), in the whole world (Matt 24, 26, Mark 13, 14), synagogues (Mark 1, Luke 4), everywhere (Mark 16).  What is the point? I believe that properly expositing the Word through preaching is of greatest importance, but I believe that we restrict its power to the pulpit.  The pulpit is not the premier nor isolated assignment for preaching/proclaiming the Word.  Preaching and proclaiming the Word is expected to be everywhere at all times.  Do not allow it only to be present in the pulpit! As people are not coming to the pulpit for teaching as they once did, the sermon must go to them!

In the New Testament, we do not see an exclusive location assigned to biblical proclamation. Proclamation is to be done everywhere.  As Christians, we are called to proclaim the Good News of the gospel at work, home, marketplace, etc.  Preaching is not only assigned for the pulpit, but it is assigned for everywhere. Biblical proclamation is not assigned to a location.

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