TBMB Journal

Sometimes referred to as the Annual, the Journal contains the proceedings of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board annual meeting. The Journal also includes statistical information for churches in each association, listings of the Mission Board staff, including collegiate ministers, directors of missions, TBMB institutions and agency. The Journal also contains the addresses of all TBMB pastors, churches, retired pastors, and other ministers. The Journal CD is distributed to Tennessee Baptist pastors, director of missions, and TBMB institution administration free of charge. Others wishing to purchase a printed copy of the Journal may e-mail Rebekah Gardner or complete the online form below. (You will be contacted later to arrange for payment.)


Program and Book of Reports

The TBMB Program and Book of Reports is distributed to the messengers attending the annual convention meeting in November. It contains brief reports from the Ministry Groups, the Executive Board, TBMB Educational and Benevolent Institutions, the Tennessee Baptist Foundation (trust institution for the Mission Board), and the Baptist and Reflector (newsjournal of the Mission Board). Guests and others attending the Mission Board receive the book on site at the registration area. Copies of the Program and Book of Reports are available to new church or associational staff visiting the Church Support Center while supplies last.