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Videos from Renovate: Church Revitalization Conference – May 3-4, 2019, Belle Aire Baptist Church

Why is Church Revitalization so important?

Studies show that approximately 75-80% of churches are stagnant or in decline. As many as 10% of Southern Baptist Churches will cease to exist in the next ten years unless fundamental changes are made. In fact, at least 500 churches in Tennessee are in danger of their doors closing if they do not experience spiritual awakening.

Church Revitalization is a process which moves a plateaued or declining church toward a healthy and sustained environment in which the following become a reality:

  • Greater Evangelistic Effectiveness
  • Increased Participation in Worship and Bible Study
  • A Renewed Faithfulness in Stewardship
  • Growth in Community and Mission Involvement

The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board is committed to assisting churches throughout our state facing these conditions. The goal of the TBMB’s Church Revitalization Objective is the revitalization of 500 churches by 2024.

New Resources: The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board has partnered with Leon Drennan, an internationally renowned leadership consultant, author, speaker and layman at Brentwood (TN) Baptist Church, to make these leadership video resources available for ministers of TBC churches:

For more than 30 years, Leon has helped develop leaders and provide wise counsel that has strengthened a variety of organizations including churches. More information about Leon can be found at vision-leadership.com.

church-revitalization-10-yearsFor more information, contact Steve Holt or you can request ministry support and someone from our Church Revitalization team will contact you within 48 hours.

Here are the basic components of the strategy:

  • Foster working relationships with our Great Commission Partners to leverage resources in order to assist local churches in church revitalization.
  • Conferences held annually to address practical ways churches can promote revitalization.
  • A Church Revitalization diagnostic tool and resources have been developed to assist churches in assessing their current health and begin their journey toward being revitalized.
  • A team of pastors and church leaders will be formed to serve as encouragers and coaches for those involved in revitalization.

Download Church Revitalization Brochure