Santiago, Chile


June 7-22



  • Includes airfare, lodging, meals, & transportation
  • Does NOT include $75 cost for tourism


2 Female Students


  • Willingness to use one’s gifts, skills, and hobbies to meet people and share the Gospel
  • Must be mature enough to be trusted in a big city
  • Attend Send TN Orientation on May 17 & Debriefing on July 26


Come join the missionary task of church planting in the global city of Santiago! You will come alongside missionaries and their partners to spread the Gospel and plant churches. Santiago is home to many vibrant universities, and the ministry default will be helping students learn English (a huge need) to meet new students. However, summer missionaries will also use their passions and interests to create entry for evangelism to similar-minded population segments.

In the mornings summer missionaries will pursue their passion or hobby to meet new students, or if they need help, they can use a survey to break the ice. In the afternoons missionaries will help with administrative tasks to gather students into English groups and Bible studies. Nights (other than meeting nights) will be free to hang out or follow up with interested students in discipleship.