Teaching Millennials: Be Online

170315young-woman-using-smartphone-tablet-smilingMy family recently moved to Memphis. While moving is always stressful, the one aspect that my wife and I dread most about moves is “the church search.” We both hate visiting churches. We’re both introverted, a little guarded and, now, super protective of our daughter. All of those elements combined mean we like to learn as much about a church (as well as a ministry or person) as possible before we even consider attendance or involvement. Continue reading “Teaching Millennials: Be Online”

Eight Principles for Teaching Millennials

170308young-people-pointingI never expected of my ministry journey to take me into working with college students. I’ve found, however, that I really enjoy them!

One of the unexpected blessings has been the privilege of working closely with several folks who were well read on Millennials, education and the church’s response. As a result, I’ve become pretty well-read on the subject. It doesn’t hurt that I don’t mind trying new things, failing miserably, saying, “Welp, that didn’t go how I had hoped,” dusting myself off and moving on. Continue reading “Eight Principles for Teaching Millennials”

Teaching Millennials: Be Application-Minded

hand-holding-bible-studyingI am a graduate of a Southern Baptist seminary. As you may know, Southern Baptists are very fond of expository preaching. We are so fond of this particular method of preaching that it is the only method in which I have received training, either formally or informally. Our fondness for expository preaching is so pervasive that I was taught that even if I were to decide to preach a topical sermon, I should do so in an expository fashion. Continue reading “Teaching Millennials: Be Application-Minded”