Open Doors

161130church-doors-openChurch revitalization is an ever-present challenge facing churches. Leadership and congregation must walk together through three challenging doors if they are to see positive results.

A recent report indicated Southern Baptist churches dropped 236,467 members in one year, the largest annual decline in more than 130 years. Total baptisms declined 305,301, the lowest since 1947. Clearly, we are facing challenges like never before.

With each challenge, however, comes an open door to make a difference. If we would face reality and walk through these open doors, the days ahead could be very different. Continue reading “Open Doors”

Five Proven Means of Strengthening Your Church

161012church-interior-blur-backgroundPastors and other church leaders often are deeply concerned about the weakness of a church. The congregation may be clearly unhealthy, or perhaps it just doesn’t exhibit the vibrant, reproducing life of a healthy church.

In both cases, 1 Thessalonians 5:11-23 shows us five proven means for strengthening a church. Continue reading “Five Proven Means of Strengthening Your Church”

Defining Church Revitalization

objective-2-logoDefining church revitalization is not an easy task. It falls into the category of things like love and leadership, it’s hard to define, but easy to recognize. However, I like what Winston Churchill once said: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

The Tennessee Baptist Convention has a strategy for church revitalization. At its core is the desire to see 500 churches revitalized by 2024. To begin with, we must define what we mean when we talk about a revitalized church. Continue reading “Defining Church Revitalization”

A ‘Two-Minute Offense’ for Your Church

160528stopwatch-in-handAlmost every football team, in every practice, runs through their two-minute offense. You have to know what to do when the game is on the line and time is running out. The heightened sense of urgency demands immediate and intense focus.

For some churches, the clock is running out. You can’t literally see a clock, but you can see the signs pointing toward an end. You feel a growing sense of urgency that something has got to change.

Here’s a “two-minute warning” strategy that lays out the actions and attitudes necessary for you and your church in times of urgency: “But as for you, keep a clear head about everything, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” (2 Timothy 4:5) Continue reading “A ‘Two-Minute Offense’ for Your Church”

Six Secrets for Becoming a Loving Church

160504heart-chaped-candle-love-handsWeddings are always filled with adventure and drama. You know what I’m talking about. Stress and emotions combine to produce a potentially explosive concoction. Invariably, nerves begin to wear thin.

But then something magical happens. The wedding actually occurs. All the tense moments evaporate in the midst of the celebration. We laugh and cry, hug and kiss. We are family and, despite our imperfections, we deeply love one another. That’s how families ought to act.

It’s how churches ought to act as well. Continue reading “Six Secrets for Becoming a Loving Church”