By Randy C. Davis
President & Executive Director, TBMB

Do you see the children?

Sure, we see our own children and we often see other people’s children, especially in restaurants if they are misbehaving. But do you see nobody’s children?

These are Tennessee’s nearly 8,000 children currently in foster care, an increasing number due to the opioid crisis in our state and the resulting loss of parental custody.

And do you see Tennessee’s aging population? They are the rapidly growing number of seniors in our state who will need care in the coming years.

Currently there are more than 1.1 million people in Tennessee 65 years of age and older, and that number is projected to grow by 20 percent in the next nine years (by 2030). Continue reading “SEE THE PEOPLE AND LOVE THEM WELL”


By Randy C. Davis
President and Executive Director, TBMB

It’s Thursday while I’m writing this and I’m thinking about what Friday represents for the world on this week we recognize as Holy Week. By the time you read this column, we will have had our first in-person Easter gathering in two years. I’m certain I will be hearing reports about how the day was an honoring celebration to a resurrected Christ across Tennessee and around the globe.

I think about the substantial joy of a risen Savior in contrast to our world — and even our denomination — mired in attitudes and cultures of cancelation, agitation, and aggravation. What if we turned our eyes toward Jesus and celebrated His preeminent glory, remember the great thing He’s done on our behalf? That takes intentionality and focus but the lesser things that so easily distract will fall away and be exposed for their worthlessness by comparison. Continue reading “COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS”


By Randy C. Davis
President and executive director, TBMB

Social media has the potential for good, but it also has a dark side that Christians too often get drawn into. It’s time we evaluate ourselves and assess if what we’re contributing to the public market of ideas leads to edifying the body of Christ and making Jesus attractive to spiritually lost people. The Golden Rule is still golden, and it should filter the thoughts we’re about to fire across the virtual landscape.

This certainly seems to be the current need within the Southern Baptist Convention. Our public rhetoric is destroying our witness to a lost world and is discouraging to the saints who see their pastors and other leaders taking verbal swipes at each other 280 Twitter characters at a time.

Do a cursory glance through social media platforms if you don’t understand what I’m talking about. There have been several issues over the past year-plus related to politics, personalities, race and coronavirus that reveal the worst from people. Some people feel the need to be heard on every topic. So many of the comments range from a lack of social decorum to downright godless. I can’t help but think about Matthew 12:34: “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Some people would do well to keep from revealing so much. Continue reading “THE GOLDEN RULE IS STILL GOLDEN”


This is Part II of a two-part series by TBMB leader Randy C. Davis. Part I, “What’s Keeping You Awake at Night?” can be found here.

By Randy C. Davis
TBMB President & Executive Director

One of our Tennessee Baptist pastors recently asked what were things that kept me awake at night and what were things that got me going in the morning. I’m glad he asked. It’s been a great opportunity to evaluate if my personal and ministry goals align with what I hope the Lord wants to accomplish through me.

So here are five things that get me up in the morning, or put another way, here’s what cranks my tractor:   

1.  Serving Tennessee Baptists.

We are a multi-dimensional group of people with a wide variety of hopes, hurts, opinions, traditions, expectations and drives, but we enjoy a sweet unity as a network of churches. Continue reading “WHAT GETS YOU GOING IN THE MORNING?”


This is the first of a two-part series by TBMB Executive Director Randy C. Davis. Part Two appears here.

By Randy C. Davis
TBMB President & Executive Director

One of our Tennessee Baptist pastors recently asked what were things that kept me awake at night and what were five things that got me going in the morning. I’m glad he asked. It’s been a great opportunity to evaluate if my personal and ministry goals align with what I hope the Lord wants to accomplish through me.

So here they are — the five things that keep me up at night:

Spiritual lostness

I have had a burden for the eternal destiny of friends, family and people in general since I came to faith in Christ. The day Granny Davis died, I read in her Bible a note written in 1956: “I am standing in the gap for my dear children so that one day they will be a circle unbroken, together in heaven forever.” Continue reading “WHAT’S KEEPING YOU AWAKE AT NIGHT?”

Are We ‘Lost in Distraction’ or ‘Now for Missions!’

It only takes a spark to start a controversy.

It was just one article, but its publishing in 1896 ignited a flashfire reaction across the Southern Baptist Convention. Sides formed. People postured. Proverbial lines were drawn in the sand. Rhetorical flames fueled by passionate conviction rose higher and higher and threatened to gut any good work Southern Baptists had accomplished.

But a voice of reason can extinguish the flames with a much-needed biblical perspective. Continue reading “Are We ‘Lost in Distraction’ or ‘Now for Missions!’”

How Much More Can You Stand?

One of the greatest and constant needs of the church since its birth at Pentecost is God-called, Spirit-filled, well-equipped leaders. Are you like me, some days just wondering: How much more can we stand?

Some days it seems our entire culture is wondering the same. How much more can we collectively stand?

Even a half-hearted glance at the news is overwhelming. Culture wars and racial conflict like we’ve not seen in 50 years; political upheaval; riots, lawlessness and constant protests paralyzing many of our nation’s cities; and a lack of social decorum and mutual respect in society but especially within our government. Continue reading “How Much More Can You Stand?”

I Stand for Life, Now More Than Ever

Tennessee state representatives took an important step toward protecting life last week when pro-life legislation passed in both the House and the Senate. The legislative approval makes a way for the bill to move on to Governor Bill Lee, who will probably sign it into law since it closely resembles the pro-life legislation he outlined in January of this year.

The bill includes a “laddered” approach, meaning it offers abortion restrictions from most restrictive to less restrictive. The intent is that if the courts strike down the most restrictive it will then hopefully allow the next tier. The restrictions are defined by the number of weeks into a pregnancy the fetus is. Continue reading “I Stand for Life, Now More Than Ever”

Having an Answer for the ‘Why’ Question

Children have a way of getting to the heart of the matter, don’t they? Their questions come at you unfiltered and often at the most unexpected times. That’s the way my daughters were and that is the way my grandchildren are. Their forthright insight can often catch adults unprepared. Continue reading “Having an Answer for the ‘Why’ Question”

It’s Time to Do More Than Simply Stand

Tennessee Baptists stood for life in 2019. In 2020, we need to mobilize for life.

You may recall that back in August I had the opportunity to represent Tennessee Baptists before a special study committee comprised of Tennessee Senators tasked with more comprehensively reviewing pro-life legislation that had been proposed during last year’s legislative session. The bill being considered was in essence what has become known as a “heartbeat bill;” legislation that would protect unborn babies once a heartbeat is detected. Many surrounding states, and other states around the country, have passed similar legislation.

However, there were many concerns expressed with that legislation and it was moved to a summer senate study committee. In the process, the bill that was being considered was reworked and the proposed legislation for which I advocated is titled SB 1236. It potentially represents one of the most – if not the most – comprehensive piece of pro-life legislation ever written. It clearly protects life from the point of conception, even before a heartbeat is detected. For everyone who recognizes God as the author of life, SB 1236 undoubtedly embodies an opportunity to legally protect unborn children in a way that hasn’t been possible since the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Continue reading “It’s Time to Do More Than Simply Stand”