• A recent college graduate willing to intentionally invest 10 months of his/her life as a missionary on a Tennessee University, College or Community College campus.
  • A committed Christ follower who will lead and mobilize current collegiate students in evangelism, discipleship, missions, small groups, programming, etc.
    (Some campuses may assign the CM specific people groups such as athletes, Greeks, international students, ethnic groups, etc.)
  • Must have been involved in BCM and/or church leadership during college
  • Must be an active and supportive participant in a Southern Baptist church.
  • Must be within the age range of 21 – 26 years old.
  • Must raise funds for the ministry where he/she serves.


BCM of Greater Nashville – Shelby Hall

“Being a campus missionary in Nashville has reinforced my faith, broadened my worldview, and helped me figure out my next steps after college. My favorite part of what I get to do is being a friend and listening ear to college students while they experience the most formative years yet. I encourage everyone to consider taking 1-2 years post-graduation to serve missionally. Doing so allowed me time to slow down, meet amazing people, and seek what’s next in my life.”

UT Knoxville BCM – Jaxson Wood

“Being a Campus Missionary can be simply defined as a time of being discipled and discipling others. Learning from the Campus Ministers has helped me grow, and teaching students has challenged my own faith. I’ve grown to love the University of Tennessee and Knoxville so much through my time at the BCM. I would encourage any BCM student to consider giving their time after graduating to the Lord and serving as a Campus Missionary.”

East TN State University BCM – Katie Barlowe

“Being a BCM Campus Missionary has been an amazing experience that the Lord has used to shape how I approach living out the Great Commission to college students and faculty. I have the opportunity to wake up everyday and talk about Jesus with students while being involved in discipleship, BCM administration, networking with local churches, equipping student leaders, and so much more. I would highly recommend this opportunity for anyone interested in ministry with college students, as it is a great way to invest in the next generation for Christ while having fun. I cannot think of a better way to have spent the last two years of my life, and I am looking forward to seeing where God leads from here!”