Your Church’s Support of Missions

160720check-donation-writingGod’s love is shared with others when your church contributes to the mission work of the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s almost 3,000 cooperating churches. Through your gifts, great things can be accomplished in our state, our nation and our world.

Have you ever wondered what happens when your church sends a contribution to the TBC office? The Accounting Services staff: Continue reading “Your Church’s Support of Missions”

Your Church’s Gift to Missions

160706calculator-balance-sheet-penTennessee Baptist Churches cooperate in missions through praying, going and giving. Gifts through the Cooperative Program, special offerings and designated giving, from almost 3,000 churches, amount to about $60 million each year. The responsibility of the Accounting Services office is to ensure that every penny of those funds goes where the contributing church intends it to go.

Church can do three things to make this process smoother and more efficient: Continue reading “Your Church’s Gift to Missions”

Trying to Empty Mosques, Not Build Them

Tennessee Baptists are about emptying mosques, not building them.

islamic-mosque-and-christian-church-cross-332x190There are a few pseudo-news websites authored by bloggers who produce satirical “news” stories, and some of their recent stories state that the Southern Baptist Convention is building mosques.

Those stories have gained traction through social media and people are assuming their truth. At least one of those stories states the Tennessee Baptist Convention is also building a mosque. As my pastor back home would say, “That’s a lie born in the pits of hell!” Continue reading “Trying to Empty Mosques, Not Build Them”

First Show Up, Then Participate

160517sbc2There is an old expression that states that about 80 percent of life is just showing up. That may be true, but it begs the question: So what do you do once you get there? That’s easy. Participate.

That would be my advice to any minister or messenger wondering whether to attend the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting, and especially this meeting coming up in a few weeks in St. Louis. Show up and participate.

Personally, I believe every Southern Baptist Convention meeting is important. Look back through our history and the annual meetings are key markers on our journey as a denomination. Yes, we’ve tackled some tough issues along the way, but as the largest evangelical network of churches in the United States gathered via elected messengers, we have collectively committed through the years to embrace the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ communicated through an inerrant Scripture. Continue reading “First Show Up, Then Participate”

The IMB: How Did We Get Here?

David Platt

It was a dark day two weeks ago when International Mission Board President David Platt stepped to the microphone to inform Southern Baptists that 983 missionaries and 149 IMB staffers were stepping away from their involvement in taking the gospel to the nations. Dr. Platt described it best when he spoke of the “heaviness” of the day. I agreed, and wondered, “How’d we get here?”

That’s a question worth exploring. It is important to learn from our past so that we can make necessary changes that positively impact our future. There are lessons here for all of us, and as Christians, we need to pause and take stock in how this applies to us individually and collectively. Continue reading “The IMB: How Did We Get Here?”

I Love to Tell the Story

I love a good story and I love good storytellers and that may be one of the reasons I love the Bible. Talk about good stories. Begin at Genesis and read all the way through and you have real people living lives of suspense, drama, espionage, intrigue, romance, comedy, and However, the greatest story in the Bible is the overarching story of God’s activity in history culminating in the crucifixion and resurrection of His Son to save His enemies, to save us. What a story.

My friend and state missionary, Paul Clark Jr., and I share a favorite hymn: “I Love to Tell the Story.” I really love telling God’s story and I especially love sharing it with my grandkids. That’s exactly what the Bible tells us to do. Psalm 145:4 says, “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.” Continue reading “I Love to Tell the Story”

Reaching Tennessee’s Missions Field Through GOTM

GOTM_logo When Eric Watkins strides into one of the most dangerous housing projects in Memphis to take the light of Christ, Tennessee Baptists go with him. When Kent Hightower stands in
the loose dirt of a rodeo arena in Morristown and preaches the gospel, Tennessee Baptists are with him. When Doylene and Ritchie Farley distribute food to hundreds of families in one of Tennessee’s most impoverished counties, Tennessee Baptists are there too.
Continue reading “Reaching Tennessee’s Missions Field Through GOTM”