pray4tnPray4TN is a movement across Tennessee to pray for every household in Tennessee. We do this by setting up Lights and Prayer Outposts throughout the state of Tennessee.  Join us by praying for every household in your community.


An individual/family that desires to adopt 100 of their closest neighbors by name and address for evangelistic prayer.

Sign Up as a LIGHT

Please choose your church, association or Tennessee Baptist Mission Board as your Association.


A church or association that commits weekly to pray for lost people by organizing individuals (LIGHTS) throughout your community. Below are the promo links. Use the promotional code: TENNBAPTISTPRAY2

The difference between a LIGHT and a CHURCH/ASSOCIATION are the measurement tools. As a CHURCH/ASSOCIATION, you will be able to follow your LIGHTS and see the areas of your community that have not been adopted for prayer. Feel free to use these URL(s) to host on your website, social media, e-blast etc. for new LIGHTS to sign up and be directly linked to your organization.