Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has developed a reputation over the years that is very well respected by FEMA and local emergency responders.  Any time you hear of the response of the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army, you can rest assured that SBC Disaster Relief is right beside them with compassionate, Christ-centered and comprehensive help.

Across the South over the last two weeks, we have experienced weather-caused devastation that is equal to Hurricane Katrina and the thousand year floods of last May.  Well over 300 lives were lost.  Tornadoes, storms and, once again, flooding, have ravaged our part of the country.

Across Tennessee, more than three dozen people lost their lives, and all but a handful of counties experienced weather related damage over the last 14 days.

Even as we first started seeing the images and heard the news of the tornados on April 27, Tennessee Disaster Relief personnel got to work.  Chain saw teams, feeding units, and laundry and shower units have been deployed from Memphis to Mountain City.  A special account to receive monetary gifts has been established for storm and tornado disaster response here at the TBC.  You can give as well through the North American Mission Board.  Rest assured every dollar will be utilized for Disaster Relief.  Long-term recovery teams are being formulated across our state as this article is being written, and once we are down the road in our own recovery effort in the state of Tennessee, we will join wholeheartedly in the response to the devastation experienced in my home state, Alabama.  There is a reason Tennessee is called “The Volunteer State.”  We carry that mantle proudly, but more importantly, effectively.  Thank you Tennessee Baptists for being the hands, feet, heart, and mind of Christ.  Thank you for providing hope to people who believe that life is hopeless because of the devastation that storms can bring.  You, once again, are doing a great work that will bring the Lord great glory.

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