161214magnifying-glass-screening-background-check-scrutinyIf churches and organizations are going to make informed decisions on hiring employees and placing volunteers, effective background screens are crucial. These screenings are done to help mitigate the risk of workplace violence, theft, child molestation, etc.

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners has developed a guide for employers and other organizations, such as volunteer groups, to use in creating a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) for background screening services. This guide provides questions that the average person may not think about asking a vendor.

Not all questions will be relevant to each organization’s needs and the requestor should remove any questions that do not pertain to your business requirements. You also may have questions you want to ask that are not included in this guide.

Here are three important questions you might want to ask:

— Does the service allow the ability to select from an array of a-la-carte products or choose a package?
— What is the average turnaround time for these types of searches?
— How do you handle additional names or aliases? Is there an additional charge for researching that information?

For more information and to see the NAPBS guide, go to www.napbs.com.

Shelia Darden is the Human Resources Manager with the Tennessee Baptist Convention. To connect with Shelia, email her at sdarden@tnbaptist.org.

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