Jesus told His disciples in John 4, “Look unto the fields that are white already unto harvest” as He pointed toward the vast number of Samaritans approaching Him.  The disciples were very focused on lunch, not Samaritans.  They were wondering if somebody beat them to Jesus and brought Him something to eat.  They were also asking themselves why He was talking to “that woman.”  And yet, Jesus was seeing something that none of His disciples were seeing; He was looking toward eternity.

For you see, Christ Jesus had a constant focus on that which was eternal.  He knew that this life was not it; there was much more beyond the grave.  There was a Heaven to be gained, or a hell to be suffered by every single person ever born.  But the disciples were not thinking eternally.  They were thinking in the temporal realm.  They really were not looking past lunch time.

As we grow in Christ, an indicator that we are filled with the Spirit and understand the heart of the Father is our consciousness about the eternal destiny of the people around us.  The Lord Himself said that after the Holy Spirit has come, we “will be witnesses.”

Just this past week, a couple in their 30’s saw me working in my yard and asked if they could talk to me about something.  Here was their observation:  not many young couples like themselves were attending church.  They were very burdened about the number of their own generation who do not know Christ.  They were seeking tangible, practical ways they can engage their own generation with the Gospel of Christ.  These friends are looking beyond lunch.

The day before the conversation with the 30-something couple, I had a conversation with a six year-old named Luke.  My buddy Luke was very excited to share that he had recently told one of his classmates about Christ.  And in simple childlike faith his classmate received the Lord,  asking Jesus to come into his heart.  Luke’s mother told me that he had shared with her and his dad that his goal was to make sure everyone in his first grade class new about Jesus before the end of the school year.  Luke is looking beyond lunch.

My prayer is that each of us will sharpen our focus on lostness in our own neighborhoods, as well as the nations.  May we become consumed that everyone in each generation, everyone in every classroom, everyone in every community, and everyone in our own family hears the Good News that Jesus Christ is alive!  So, look with understanding, compassion, brokenness, and conviction at a world that needs what you have…the great news and joyful hope:  Jesus is alive!  Enjoy your lunch.

It is a joy to be on this journey with you.

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