Seattle, Washington


June 17-29


$875 + money for meals.
The $875 includes airfare, lodging, & transportation.


  • 5 Teammates Assigned
  • 2 Male Students Still Needed!


  • Willing to be outgoing
  • Willing to work hard
  • Be flexible
  • Be personable
  • Be evangelistic
  • Attend Send TN Orientation on May 17 & Debriefing on July 26


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in an urban context amongst one of the largest non-churched cities in America? The Lord loves Seattle, and Epic Life Church would love for you to join them to witness His miraculous hand on their little corner of the city. You will get to help in the church’s food bank, help with their coffeeshop efforts to reach their neighbors, and assist with other outreach related projects.

Epic Life Church is located in a neighborhood most people know as North Aurora Ave. Many living in Seattle will tell others to stay away because this area is filled with homelessness, prostitution, and drug use. However, Epic Life Church is renaming its neighborhood NORA (North Aurora) to give it a new identity. You can help them write that story! You will be a part of handing out Pilgrim coffee (church’s coffeeshop) to neighbors at the bus stops, helping at the food bank called “The Giving Room,” going door to door meeting and conversing with the church’s neighbors, and helping with other community outreach efforts.