Martin, Memphis, & Knoxville, TN


June 1-30


$300 – Lodging, transportation, and meals are included.


  • 2 Teammates Assigned.
  • 1 Male & 1 Female Student Still Needed!


  • Must be flexible
  • Must be a team player
  • Must be willing to learn and respect how ministry is carried out in different settings
  • Attend Send TN Orientation on May 17 & Debriefing on July 26


Do you want to see how God is at work across the State? Come join the Serve Tennessee Team to be a part of His work in Martin, Memphis, and Knoxville – three different cities, each with a unique culture. You’ll serve with local churches and ministries for one week in each city. Campus Ministers from UT Martin, U of Memphis, and UT Knoxville will plan each week of ministry and will function as your supervisors. In addition to serving with local ministries, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about these three university campuses and how each BCM serves its campus. From June 9-12 you’ll also travel to Indianapolis to help messengers register at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting.

Summer Missionaries will be joined by one TN BCM Campus Missionary who will help lead the team and transport them from one place of ministry to another. The Team will lodge at the three BCM facilities.

General Schedule

June 1-8: Martin, TN
June 9-12: Indianapolis, IN
June 13-23: Memphis, TN
June 23-30: Knoxville, TN